Name: Montgomery Ibarra
Race: Elezen – Wildwood
Nationality: Gridanian (Ishgardian by birth)
Age: 33
Height: 6’10.6″
Class: Red Mage
Occupation: Consultant
Server: Elemental – Carbuncle

Personal Life


Montgomery Ibarra is a Wildwood Elezen born on the 13th Sun of the 6th Astral Moon. He is the only son of Viscount Armand Ibarra, the head of House Ibarra, and Viscountess Josephine Ibarra. His mother died during childbirth.

At the age of 12, Viscount Ibarra had, Florentel Aurifort, his personal butler escape with Montgomery to Gridania during the night when a number of unknown assailants broke into their home and started killing everyone.

Life in Gridania

Florentel took care of Montgomery as if he is his own and have his name changed to Maximiloix Aurifort to hide his identity.

They live a simple life, posing as father and son. They have a farm by the Central Shroud where they grow crops to sell in Gridania.

After a few years living in Gridania without any incident in Montgomery’s life, he changed back to his old name.

Rapier in Hand

Florentel was taught by a member of the Crimson Duelist before he was employed to House Ibarra. While still in Ishgard, he would train Montgomery the ways of a Red Mage.

When they arrived to Gridania, Florentel taught Montgomery everything he knows about being a Red Mage and to teach him how to defend himself.

Order of the Twin Adder

Montgomery joined the Order of the Twin Adder, where he quickly rose to the ranks of Serpent Captain thanks to his abilities as a Red Mage.

During his promotion ceremony to Serpent Captain, he offered the Black Sun’s services to the Elder Seedseer.

Returning to Ishgard

When it was clear that there is no attempt on Montgomery’s life after reverting back to his old name, he went back to Ishgard but not as one of Ishgardian nobility but rather as a Gridanian, an outsider, as Ibarra of the Black Sun.


Montgomery is a male Wildwood Elezen with long blonde hair. He usually wears a black suit and black vest when he’s on official business and only removes the coat when he feels like it, revealing the suspenders. He wears glasses since he was a child because of his poor eyesight.


Montgomery values the truth and loyalty with high regards. He is inquisitive by nature, and he would seek out the answers to his questions. His room is filled with books in various fields, he would spend most of his money buying books.

He is kind and respectful to those who deserve it. When it comes to his enemies, however, it is a different story. He rarely shows mercy to his enemies.

Montgomery speaks with a soft but deep voice, as if telling a story every time he speaks.

He never raises his voice unless required, and when he does, there’s a trembling feeling for the people around him. In most cases, he’ll just stay quiet, that’s the worst thing he could do.

The Black Sun

Montgomery established the Black Sun with his close companions to help those in need, ranging from simple tasks to tasks that require force.

The Black Sun is a Consulting Firm based in Gridania with Montgomery Ibarra as its founder and head. They work closely with the Elder Seedseer, Kan-E-Senna, to provide her with consultation and assistance. In most cases, the Black Sun is employed in a moreā€¦ hands-on approach, especially against forces that threatens Gridania.

The Black Sun is a Free Company, pledging their allegiances to the Order of the Twin Adder, specifically to the Elder Seedseer.

Their number grew as the years went by.